Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry

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Chapter 3: Afforestation, Reforestation, and Deforestation (ARD) Activities


3.1. Introduction

3.2. Definitional Scenarios and Their General Implications

3.2.1. Definitional Scenarios

3.3. Processes, Time Scales, and Carbon Accounting Rules

3.3.1. Processes and Time Scales for ARD Activities
3.3.2. Carbon Accounting of ARD Activities Do We Need to Distinguish between Direct Human-Induced and Natural Factors that Impact Stock Changes on ARD Lands? Discrepancies between Actual and Reported Stock Changes Options for Reducing Discrepancies between Actual and Reported Carbon Stock Changes Necessary Steps for Determining ARD Lands and Stock Changes Carbon Pools that Could be Considered and How They are Impacted by ARD Activities What Are the Consequences of Simplified Reporting? How Can Carbon Accounting of ARD Land during Future Commitment Periods Be Carried Out? Article 3.7: Adjusting the 1990 Baseline Are Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Be Counted? Relation of ARD Activities to Activities under Article 3.4 and Projects under Article 6

3.4. Data Needs and Methods for Implementing Article 3.3

3.4.1. Identification of ARD Activities
3.4.2. Monitoring Land-Cover Change
3.4.3. Changes in Carbon Stock (per Unit of Area)
3.4.4. Uncertainty of Afforestation, Reforestation, and Deforestation Activities
3.4.5. Data for Verification

3.5. ARD Examples on Stand, Landscape, Country, Regional, and Global Levels

3.5.1. Stand Level
3.5.2. Scaling Up from Stand to Landscape Scenarios that Consider Forest Change Only Scenarios in Which the Harvest/Regeneration Cycle Creates ARD Land Scenarios in Which Forest Degradation or Aggradation Create ARD Land Land- and Activity-Based Carbon Accounting Rules Landscape-Level Results

3.5.3. Country- and Regional-Level Studies
3.5.4. Global Assessment How Much Carbon is Global Deforestation Likely to Release and How is It Distributed Spatially? How Much Carbon Can Be Sequestered by Global Afforestation and Reforestation? What Net Changes in Carbon Stocks from ARD Can Be Expected in the Future?

3.6. Associated Impacts of ARD Activities

3.6.1. Afforestation and Reforestation
3.6.2. Avoiding Deforestation



Lead Authors:
R. Birdsey (USA), M. Cannell (UK), W. Galinski (Poland), A. Gintings (Indonesia), S. Hamburg (USA), B. Jallow (The Gambia), M. Kirschbaum (Australia), T. Krug (Brazil), W. Kurz (Canada), S. Prisley (USA), D. Schulze (Germany), K.D. Singh (India), T.P. Singh (India), A.M. Solomon (USA), L. Villers (Mexico), Y. Yamagata (Japan)

S. Beukema (Canada), G. Lund (USA), B. Murray (USA)

Review Editors:
E. Calvo (Peru) and J.D.G. Miguez (Brazil)

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