WG II Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability - Technical Summary

Climate Change 2001: Impacts, Adaptationand Vulnerability

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WG2 - Technical Summary


1 Scope and Approach of the Assessment

1.1. Mandate of the Assessment
1.2. What is Potentially at Stake?
1.3. Approach of the Assessment
1.4. Treatment of Uncertainties

2. Methods and Tools of the Assessment

2.1. Detecting Responses to Climate Change using Indicator Species or Systems
2.2 Anticipating the Effects of Future Climate Change
2.3. Integrated Assessment
2.4. Costing and Valuation
2.5. Decision Analytic Frameworks

3. Scenarios of Future Change

3.1. Scenarios and their Role
3.2. Socioeconomic, Land-Use, and Environmental Scenarios
3.3. Sea-Level Rise Scenarios
3.4. Climate Scenarios
3.5. Scenarios for the 21st Century
3.6. How can We Improve Scenarios and their Use?

4. Natural and Human Systems

4.1. Water Resources
4.2. Agriculture and Food Security
4.3. Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecosystems
4.4. Coastal Zones and Marine Ecosystems
4.5. Human Settlements, Energy, and Industry
4.6. Insurance and Other Financial Services
4.7. Human Health

5. Regional Analyses

5.1. Africa
5.2. Asia
5.3. Australia and New Zealand
5.4. Europe
5.5. Latin America
5.6. North America
5.7. Polar Regions
5.8. Small Island States

6. Adaptation, Sustainable Development,and Equity

6.1. Adaptive Capacity
6.2. Development, Sustainability, and Equity

7. Global Issues and Synthesis

7.1. Detection of Climate Change Impacts
7.2. Reasons for Concern

8. Information Needs

A Report of Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

This summary was accepted but not approved in detail at the Sixth Session of IPCC Working Group II (Geneva, Switzerland - 13-16 February 2001). "Acceptance" of IPCC reports at a session of the Working Group or Panel signifies that the material has not been subject to line-by-line discussion and agreement, but nevertheless presents a comprehensive, objective, and balanced view of the subject matter.

Lead Authors:
K.S. White (USA), Q.K. Ahmad (Bangladesh), O. Anisimov (Russia), N. Arnell (UK), S. Brown (USA), M. Campos (Costa Rica), T. Carter (Finland), Chunzhen Liu (China), S. Cohen (Canada), P. Desanker (Malawi), D.J. Dokken (USA), W. Easterling (USA), B. Fitzharris (New Zealand), H. Gitay (Australia), A. Githeko (Kenya), S. Gupta (India), H. Harasawa (Japan), B.P. Jallow (The Gambia), Z.W. Kundzewicz (Poland), E.L. La Rovere (Brazil), M. Lal (India), N. Leary (USA), C. Magadza (Zimbabwe), L.J. Mata (Venezuela), R. McLean (Australia), A. McMichael (UK), K. Miller (USA), E. Mills (USA), M.Q. Mirza (Bangladesh), D. Murdiyarso (Indonesia), L.A. Nurse (Barbados), C. Parmesan (USA), M.L. Parry (UK), O. Pilifosova (Kazakhstan), B. Pittock (Australia), J. Price (USA), T. Root (USA), C. Rosenzweig (USA), J. Sarukhan (Mexico), H.-J. Schellnhuber (Germany), S. Schneider (USA), M.J. Scott (USA), G. Sem (Papua New Guinea), B. Smit (Canada), J.B. Smith (USA), A. Tsyban (Russia), P. Vellinga (The Netherlands), R. Warrick (New Zealand), D. Wratt (New Zealand)

Review Editors:
M. Manning (New Zealand) and C. Nobre (Brazil)

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