Working Group I: The Scientific Basis

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1. The Climate System: an Overview Contents

1.1 Introduction to the Climate System

1.1.1 Climate
1.1.2 The Climate System

1.2 Natural Climate Variations

1.2.1 Natural Forcing of the Climate System
1.2.2 Natural Variability of Climate
1.2.3 Extreme Events

1.3 Human-induced Climate Variations

1.3.1 Human Influence on the Climate System
1.3.2 Modelling and Projection of Anthropogenic Climate Change
1.3.3 Observing Anthropogenic Climate Change

1.4 A ‘Road-mapí to this Report


Co-ordinating Lead Author
A.P.M. Baede

Lead Authors
E. Ahlonsou, Y. Ding, D. Schimel

Review Editors
B. Bolin, S. Pollonais

Other reports in this collection

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