Working Group III: Mitigation

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See United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Final energy
Energy supplied that is available to the consumer to be converted into usable energy (e.g., electricity at the wall outlet).

Flexibility mechanisms
See Kyoto Mechanisms.

A vegetation type dominated by trees. Many definitions of the term forest are in use throughout the world, reflecting wide differences in bio-geophysical conditions, social structure, and economics4. See also afforestation, deforestation and reforestation

Fossil fuels
Carbon-based fuels from fossil carbon deposits, including coal, oil, and natural gas.

Fuel switching
Policy designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by switching to lower carbon-content fuels, such as from coal to natural gas.

Full-cost pricing
The pricing of commercial goods – such as electric power – that includes in the final prices faced by the end user not only the private costs of inputs, but also the costs of externalities created by their production and use.

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Other reports in this collection

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