Technical Paper VI - SPANISH


Bates, B.C., Z.W. Kundzewicz, S. Wu and J.P. Palutikof, Eds.

IPCC Secretariat, Geneva, 210 pp.

June 2008


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Front Matter

Executive Summary


Chapter 1 Introduction to climate change and water

Chapter 2 Observed and projected changes in climate as they relate to water

Chapter 3 Linking climate change and water resources: impacts and responses

Chapter 4 Climate change and water resources in systems and sectors

Chapter 5 Analyzing regional aspects of climate change and water resources

Chapter 6 Climate change mitigation measures and water

Chapter 7 Implications for policy and sustainable development

Chapter 8 Gaps in knowledge and suggestions for further work




Appendix I: Climate model descriptions

Appendix II: Glossary

Appendix III: Acronyms, chemical symbols, scientific units

Appendix IV: List of Authors

Appendix V: List of Reviewers

Appendix VI: Permissions to publish





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