IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007
Climate Change 2007: Working Group III: Mitigation of Climate Change

5.3 Mitigation technologies and strategies

Many technologies and strategies are at hand to reduce the growth or even, eventually, reverse transport GHG emissions. Most of the technology options discussed here were mentioned in the TAR. The most promising strategy for the near term is incremental improvements in current vehicle technologies. Advanced technologies that provide great promise include greater use of electric-drive technologies, including hybrid-electric power trains, fuel cells and battery electric vehicles. The use of alternative fuels such as natural gas, biofuels, electricity and hydrogen, in combination with improved conventional and advanced technologies; provide the potential for even larger reductions.

Even with all these improved technologies and fuels, it is expected that petroleum will retain its dominant share of transport energy use and that transport GHG emissions will continue to increase into the foreseeable future. Only with sharp changes in economic growth, major behavioural shifts, and/or major policy intervention would transport GHG emissions decrease substantially.