Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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2. Trends in Technology Transfer: Financial Resource Flows

Executive Summary

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Technology Transfer Quantified

2.2.1 International Financial Flows
2.2.2 Official Development Assistance and Official Aid
2.2.3 Foreign Lending
2.2.4 Foreign Direct Investment
2.2.5 Commercial Sales
2.2.6 Foreign Portfolio Equity Investment and Venture Capital
2.2.7 Other Investment and Assistance Flows

2.3 Technology Research and Development

2.3.1 Energy-related Research and Development
2.3.2 Core Technologies and Strategic Partnerships

2.4 Conclusions


Coordinating Lead Author:
Mark Radka (USA)

Lead Authors:
Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel (France), J.P. Abeeku Brew-Hammond (Ghana), Xu Huaqing (China)

Contributing Authors:
Julia Benn (Finland), Woodrow W. Clark, Jr. (USA), Andrew Dearing (UK), Kevin Fay (USA), Doug McKay (UK), Paul Metz (The Netherlands), K.P. Nyati (India), Luiz Pinguelli Rosa (Brazil)

Review Editors:
Prodipto Ghosh (The Philippines), Ramon Pichs-Madruga (Cuba)

Other reports in this collection

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