Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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14: Human Health

Executive Summary

14.1 Introduction

14.2 Categories of Health Impacts

14.2.1 Potential Health Consequences of Climate Change
14.2.2 Health Impacts of Mitigation Technologies
14.2.3 Health Impacts of Adaptation Technologies

14.3 Current Social, Economic and Technological Influences on Population
Vulnerability to Adverse Health Impacts

14.3.1 Population Vulnerability: Social
14.3.2 Population Vulnerability: Economic
14.3.3 Population Vulnerability: Technological
14.3.4 Population Vulnerability: Demographic

14.4 Adaptation Options to Reduce Health Impacts

14.4.1 Health Sector
14.4.2 Intersectoral Adaptation Options
14.4.3 Cross-sectoral Adaptation to Climate Change

14.5 Adaptation: Policy and Institutional Context

14.5.1 Role of International Agencies
14.5.2 Promoting Public Health Trans-sectorally as a Policy Criterion

14.6 Lessons learned


Coordinating Lead Author:
Anthony McMichael (UK)

Lead Authors:
Ulisses Confalonieri (Brazil), Andrew Githeko (Kenya), Pim Martens (Netherlands), Sari Kovats (UK), Jonathan Patz (USA), Alistair Woodward (New Zealand), Andrew Haines (UK), Akihiko Sasaki (Japan)

Contributing Authors:
Gregg Greenough (USA), Simon Hales (New Zealand), Larry Kalkstein (USA), Pete Kolsky (UK), Len Lerer (USA), Rudi Slooff (The Netherlands), Kirk Smith (USA)

Review Editor:
Tord Kjellstrom (New Zealand)

Other reports in this collection

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