Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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15: Coastal Adaptation

Executive Summary

15.1 Introduction

15.2 Current and Future Adaptation Needs in Coastal Zones

15.2.1 Coastal vulnerability to climate change
15.2.2 Concurrent stresses in coastal zones

15.3 Available Technologies for Coastal Adaptation

15.3.1 Information development and awareness raising
15.3.2 Planning and design
15.3.3 Implementation
15.3.4 Monitoring and evaluation

15.4 Current and Future Trends in Coastal-Adaptation Technology Transfer

15.5 Transfer of Coastal-Adaptation Technologies within Countries

15.5.1 Incentives for in-country technology transfer
15.5.2 Pathways of in-country technology transfer
15.5.3 The role of stakeholders
15.5.4 Barriers to in-country technology transfer
15.5.5 Enabling policies, programmes and measures

15.6 Transfer of Coastal-Adaptation Technologies between Countries

15.6.1 Incentives for transnational technology transfer
15.6.2 Pathways of transnational technology transfer
15.6.3 The role of stakeholders
15.6.4 Barriers to transnational technology transfer
15.6.5 Enabling policies, programmes and measures

15.7 Lessons Learned and Future Work

15.7.1 Evaluation of current status
15.7.2 Possible approaches to promote technology transfer


Coordinating Lead Author:
Richard J.T. Klein (The Netherlands / Germany)

Lead Authors:
James Aston (Western Samoa), Earle N. Buckley (USA), Michele Capobianco (Italy), Norimi Mizutani (Japan), Robert J. Nicholls (UK), Patrick D. Nunn (Fiji/South Pacific), Sachooda Ragoonaden (Mauritius)

Contributing Authors:
Darius J. Bartlett (Ireland), James G. Boyd (USA), Eugene L. Lecomte (USA), Xenia I. Loizidou (Cyprus), Claudio R. Volonté (Uruguay)

Review Editor
Isabelle Niang-Diop (Senegal)

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