Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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1. Background

1.1 The role of technology transfer in addressing climate change
1.2 What do we mean by technology transfer?
1.3 Stakeholders, pathways and stages
1.4 Trends in technology transfer
1.5 Barriers to the transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies

2. Increase the flow, improve the quality

2.1 Building capacity

2.2 Enabling environment and extra efforts to enhance technology transfer

2.2.1 Actions for all governments
2.2.2 Actions for Developed countries and countries with economies in transition
2.2.3 Developing countries actions

2.3 Mechanisms for technology transfer

2.3.1 National systems of innovation
2.3.2 ODA
2.3.3 GEF
2.3.4 Multilateral Development Banks
2.3.5 Kyoto Protocol mechanisms

3. Technology Transfer: A Sectoral Analysis

3.1 Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings Sector
3.2 Transport
3.3 Industry
3.4 Energy Supply
3.5 Agriculture
3.6 Forestry Sector
3.7 Solid Waste Management and Wastewater Treatment
3.8 Human Health
3.9 Coastal Adaptation

Stephen O. Andersen (USA), Earle N. Buckley (USA), William Chandler (USA), Renate Christ (Austria),
Ogunlade Davidson (Sierra Leone), Sukumar Devotta (India), Michael Grubb (UK), Joyeeta Gupta (The Netherlands),
Thomas C. Heller (USA), Maithili Iyer (India), Daniel M. Kammen (USA),
Richard J.T. Klein (The Netherlands/Germany), Dina Kruger (USA), Ritu Kumar (India), Mark Levine (USA),
Lin Erda (China), Patricia Iterregui (Peru), Merylyn McKenzie Hedger (UK), Anthony McMichael (UK),
Mark Mansley (UK), Jan-Willem Martens (The Netherlands), Eric Martinot (USA), Ajay Mathur (India),
Bert Metz (The Netherlands), John Millhone (USA), Jose Roberto Moreira (Brazil), Tongroj Onchan (Thailand),
Mark Radka (USA), Kilaparti Ramakrishna (India), N.H. Ravindranath (India), Jayant Sathaye (USA),
Youba Sokona (Mali), Sergio C. Trindade (Brazil), David Wallace (UK), Ernst Worrell (The Netherlands)

Other reports in this collection

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