Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

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10. Africa Contents: Executive Summary

10.1. Introduction to African Region

10.1.1. Previous Syntheses of African Region
10.1.2. What is Different about Africa?
10.1.3. Past to Present Climatology Interannual and Interdecadal Climate Variability Paleoclimate of Africa Recent Historical Record
10.1.4. Climate Change Scenarios

10.2. Key Regional Concerns

10.2.1. Water Resources Overview of Regional Water Resources Major River Basin Systems Demography and Water Resources Impacts and Vulnerability Adaptation
10.2.2. Food Security Context of Food Security Marine and Freshwater Fisheries Crop Production Livestock Impacts of Drought and Floods Adaptation Strategies
10.2.3. Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Forests and Woodland Resources Indigenous Biodiversity and Protected Areas Migratory Species Large-mammal migratory systems Bird migrations Locust migrations Human migratory systems
10.2.4. Human Health Vector-Borne Diseases: Malaria Cholera Meningitis Rift Valley Fever Plague Water-Associated Protozoal Diseases Other Major Parasitic Infections Air Pollution-Associated Diseases Vulnerability Adaptation Technology for Safe Drinking Water
10.2.5. Settlements and Infrastructure Overview of Issues Coastal Settlements and Sea-Level Rise Flooding Energy Human Comfort Water Resources Sanitation Food Security
10.2.6. Desertification Context Nonclimatic Driving Forces of Desertification Climatic Factors in Desertification Linkages and Feedbacks between Desertification and Climate Impacts of Desertification Vulnerability and Adaptation

10.3. Adaptation Potential and Vulnerability

10.4. Synthesis

10.4.1. Feedbacks and Interactions
10.4.2. Uncertainties and Risks
10.4.3. Cross-Cutting Issues Costing Development, Sustainability, and Equity

10.4.4 Future Needs


Paul Desanker (Malawi) and Christopher Magadza (Zimbabwe)

Lead Authors:
A. Allali (Morocco), C. Basalirwa (Uganda), M. Boko (Benin), G. Dieudonne (Niger), T.E. Downing (UK), P.O. Dube (Botswana), A. Githeko (Kenya), M. Githendu (Kenya), P. Gonzalez (USA), D. Gwary (Nigeria), B. Jallow (The Gambia), J. Nwafor (Nigeria), R. Scholes (South Africa)

Contributing Authors:
A. Amani (Niger), A. Bationo (Burkina Faso), R. Butterfield (UK), R. Chafil (Morocco), J. Feddema (The Netherlands), K. Hilmi (Morocco), G.M. Mailu (Kenya), G. Midgley (South Africa), T. Ngara (Zimbabwe), S. Nicholson (USA), D. Olago (Kenya), B. Orlando (USA), F. Semazzi (USA), L. Unganai (Zimbabwe), R. Washington (UK)

Review Editor:
I. Niang-Diop (Senegal)

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