Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

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14. Latin America Contents

Executive Summary

14.1. The Latin America Region

14.1.1. What is Unique about the Latin America Region?
14.1.2. Climate Variability and Change Past to Present Glaciers, precipitation, and streamflow Temperature Large-scale atmospheric circulation Variability and impacts from El Niņo and the Southern Oscillation Extreme events Future: Climate Scenarios
14.1.3. Socioeconomic and Trade Agreements Issues Socioeconomic Issues Trade Agreements

14.1.4. Environmental Legislation
14.1.5. Summary of Main Findings from the IPCC Special Report on Regional Impacts of Climate Change

14.2. Key Regional Concerns

14.2.1. Natural Ecosystems Humid Tropical Forests Dry Forests Savannas, Grasslands, and Deserts Temperate Forests and Mountain and Polar Ecosystems Biodiversity
14.2.2. Agriculture and Plantation Forestry Arable Farming and Tree Crops Ranching Plantation Silviculture
14.2.3 Sea-Level Rise General Impacts Mangrove ecosystem Coral reefs Socioeconomic issues Ecological and Local Community Values
14.2.4. Water Resources: Availability and Use
14.2.5. Human Health Effects of Changes in Climate Variables on Health Vector-Borne Diseases Water-Borne Diseases Effects of El Niño Phenomenon on Health Effects on Food Production and Safety

14.3. Synthesis




Lead Authors:
E. Basso (Chile), R. Compagnucci (Argentina), P. Fearnside (Brazil), G. Magrin (Argentina), J. Marengo (Brazil), A.R. Moreno (Mexico), A. Suárez (Cuba), S. Solman (Argentina), A.Villamizar (Venezuela), L. Villers (Mexico)

Contributing Authors:
F. Argenal (Honduras), C. Artigas (Chile), M. Cabido (Argentina), J. Codignotto (Argentina), U. Confalonieri (Brazil), V. Magaña (Mexico), B. Morales-Arnao (Peru), O. Oropeza (Mexico), J.D. Pabón (Colombia), J. Paz (Peru), O. Paz (Bolivia), F. Picado (Nicaragua), G. Poveda (Colombia), J. Tarazona (Peru), W. Vargas (Argentina)

Review Editor:
C. Nobre (Brazil)

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