Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

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17. Small Island States Contents Executive Summary

17.1. Regional Characteristics

17.1.1. Review of Previous Work
17.1.2. Special Circumstances of Small Islands
17.1.3. Past and Present Trends
17.1.4. Scenarios of Future Climate Change and Variability Models Used Region-Specific Model Validation Climate Change Projections for Small Island States Surface air temperature Precipitation Extreme high temperature and precipitation events ENSO and precipitation variability Tropical cyclones

17.2. Key Regional Concerns

17.2.1. Development, Sustainability, and Equity Issues
17.2.2. Water-Level Rise Sea-Level Rise Storm Surge and Flood Risks

17.2.3. Beach and Coastal Changes Response, Adaptation, and Management

17.2.4. Coral Reefs, Mangroves, and Seagrasses Coral Reefs Mangroves Seagrasses

17.2.5. Biodiversity of Islands
17.2.6. Water Resources
17.2.7. Tourism
17.2.8. Food Security Crop Agriculture Fisheries

17.2.9. Human Welfare Settlement and Infrastructure Human Health

17.2.10. Other Economic and Sociocultural Impacts

17.3 Vulnerability and Adaptation Potential

17.3.1. Setting the Context
17.3.2 Generic Issues
17.3.3. Vulnerability
17.3.4. Adaptation and Adaptive Capacity
17.3.5. Regional and External Factors

17.4. Synthesis

17.4.1. Feedbacks, Interactions, and Resilience: Relevance of these Concepts to Small Islands
17.4.2. Uncertainties and Risks Inconsistencies and Limitations in Projected Changes Ecosystem Collapse

17.5. Future Requirements, Information, and Research Needs



Lead Authors:
J.E. Hay (New Zealand), A.G. Suarez (Cuba), Poh Poh Wong (Singapore), L. Briguglio (Malta), S. Ragoonaden (Mauritius)

Contributing Authors:
A. Githeko (Kenya), J. Gregory (UK), V. Ittekkot (Germany), U. Kaly (Australia), R. Klein (Germany/The Netherlands), M. Lal (India), A. McKenzie (Jamaica), H. McLeod (UK), N. Mimura (Japan), J. Price (USA), Dahe Qin (China), B. Singh (Trinidad and Tobago), P. Weech (The Bahamas)

Review Editors:
R. Payet (Seychelles) and S. Saeed (Maldives)

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