Working Group III: Mitigation

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Summary for Policymakers CONTENTS Introduction

The Nature of the Mitigation Challenge

Options to Limit or Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Enhance Sinks

The Costs and Ancillary Benefits of Mitigation Actions

Ways and Means for Mitigation

Gaps in Knowledge

A Report of Working Group III
of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

This summary, approved in detail at the Sixth Session of IPCC Working Group III (Accra, Ghana • 28 February - 3 March 2001), represents the formally agreed statement of the IPCC concerning climate change mitigation.

Based on a draft prepared by:
Tariq Banuri, Terry Barker, Igor Bashmakov, Kornelis Blok, Daniel Bouille, Renate Christ, Ogunlade Davidson, Jae Edmonds, Ken Gregory, Michael Grubb, Kirsten Halsnaes, Tom Heller, Jean-Charles Hourcade, Catrinus Jepma, Pekka Kauppi, Anil Markandya, Bert Metz, William Moomaw, Jose Roberto Moreira, Tsuneyuki Morita, Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Lynn Price, Richard Richels, John Robinson, Hans Holger Rogner, Jayant Sathaye, Roger Sedjo, Priyaradshi Shukla, Leena Srivastava, Rob Swart, Ferenc Toth, John Weyant

Other reports in this collection

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