IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007
Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report

4 Adaptation and mitigation options and responses, and the inter-relationship with sustainable development, at global and regional levels

4.1 Responding to climate change

Societies can respond to climate change by adapting to its impacts and by reducing GHG emissions (mitigation), thereby reducing the rate and magnitude of change. This Topic focuses on adaptation and mitigation options that can be implemented over the next two to three decades, and their inter-relationship with sustainable development. These responses can be complementary. Topic 5 addresses their complementary roles on a more conceptual basis over a longer timeframe.

The capacity to adapt and mitigate is dependent on socio-economic and environmental circumstances and the availability of information and technology[20] . However, much less information is available about the costs and effectiveness of adaptation measures than about mitigation measures. {WGII 17.1, 17.3; WGIII 1.2}

  1. ^  Technology is defined as the practical application of knowledge to achieve particular tasks that employs both technical artefacts (hardware, equipment) and (social) information (‘software’, know-how for production and use of artefacts).