IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007
Climate Change 2007: Working Group I: The Physical Science Basis

Technical Summary

TS.1 Introduction

TS.2 Changes in Human and Natural Drivers of Climate

TS.2.1 Greenhouse Gases

TS.2.2 Aerosols

TS.2.3 Aviation Contrails and Cirrus, Land Use and Other Effects

TS.2.4 Radiative Forcing Due to Solar Activity and Volcanic Eruptions

TS.2.5 Net Global Radiative Forcing, Global Warming Potentials and Patterns of Forcing

TS 2.6 Surface Forcing and the Hydrologic Cycle

TS.3 Observations of Changes in Climate

TS.3.1 Atmospheric Changes: Instrumental Record

TS.3.2 Changes in the Cryosphere: Instrumental Record

TS.3.3 Changes in the Ocean: Instrumental Record

TS.3.4 Consistency Among Observations

TS.3.5 A Palaeoclimatic Perspective

TS.4 Understanding and Attributing Climate Change

TS.4.1 Advances in Attribution of Changes in Global-Scale Temperature in the Instrumental Period: Atmosphere, Ocean and Ice

TS.4.2 Attribution of Spatial and Temporal Changes in Temperature

TS.4.3 Attribution of Changes in Circulation, Precipitation and Other Climate Variables

TS.4.4 Palaeoclimate Studies of Attribution

TS.4.5 Climate Response to Radiative Forcing

TS.5 Projections of Future Changes in Climate

TS.5.1 Understanding Near-Term Climate Change

TS.5.2 Large-Scale Projections for the 21st Century

TS.5.3 Regional-Scale Projections

TS.5.4 Coupling Between Climate Change and Changes in Biogeochemical Cycles

TS.5.5 Implications of Climate Processes and their Time Scales for Long-Term Projections

TS.6 Robust Findings and Key Uncertainties

TS.6.1 Changes in Human and Natural Drivers of Climate

TS.6.2 Observations of Changes in Climate

TS.6.3 Understanding and Attributing Climate Change

TS.6.4 Projections of Future Changes in Climate

Coordinating Lead Authors:

Susan Solomon (USA), Dahe Qin (China), Martin Manning (USA, New Zealand)

Lead Authors:

Richard B. Alley (USA), Terje Berntsen (Norway), Nathaniel L. Bindoff (Australia), Zhenlin Chen (China), Amnat Chidthaisong (Thailand), Jonathan M. Gregory (UK), Gabriele C. Hegerl (USA, Germany),

Martin Heimann (Germany, Switzerland), Bruce Hewitson (South Africa), Brian J. Hoskins (UK), Fortunat Joos (Switzerland), Jean Jouzel (France), Vladimir Kattsov (Russia), Ulrike Lohmann (Switzerland), Taroh Matsuno (Japan), Mario Molina (USA, Mexico), Neville Nicholls (Australia), Jonathan Overpeck (USA), Graciela Raga (Mexico, Argentina), Venkatachalam Ramaswamy (USA), Jiawen Ren (China), Matilde Rusticucci (Argentina), Richard Somerville (USA), Thomas F. Stocker (Switzerland), Ronald J. Stouffer (USA), Penny Whetton (Australia), Richard A. Wood (UK), David Wratt (New Zealand)

Contributing Authors:

J. Arblaster (USA, Australia), G. Brasseur (USA, Germany), J.H. Christensen (Denmark), K.L. Denman (Canada), D.W. Fahey (USA), P. Forster (UK), J. Haywood (UK), E. Jansen (Norway), P.D. Jones (UK), R. Knutti (Switzerland), H. Le Treut (France), P. Lemke (Germany), G. Meehl (USA), D. Randall (USA), D.A. Stone (UK, Canada), K.E. Trenberth (USA), J. Willebrand (Germany), F. Zwiers (Canada)

Review Editors:

Kansri Boonpragob (Thailand), Filippo Giorgi (Italy), Bubu Pateh Jallow (The Gambia)

This Technical Summary should be cited as:

Solomon, S., D. Qin, M. Manning, R.B. Alley, T. Berntsen, N.L. Bindoff, Z. Chen, A. Chidthaisong, J.M. Gregory, G.C. Hegerl, M. Heimann, B. Hewitson, B.J. Hoskins, F. Joos, J. Jouzel, V. Kattsov, U. Lohmann, T. Matsuno, M. Molina, N. Nicholls, J. Overpeck, G. Raga, V. Ramaswamy, J. Ren, M. Rusticucci, R. Somerville, T.F. Stocker, P. Whetton, R.A. Wood and D. Wratt, 2007: Technical Summary. In: Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Solomon, S., D. Qin, M. Manning, Z. Chen, M. Marquis, K.B. Averyt, M. Tignor and H.L. Miller (eds.)]. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA.