IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007
Climate Change 2007: Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

Chapter 10: Asia

Executive summary

10.1 Summary of knowledge assessed in the Third Assessment Report

10.1.1 Climate change impacts in Asia

10.1.2 Vulnerabilities and adaptive strategies

10.2 Current sensitivity and vulnerability

10.2.1 Asia: regional characteristics

10.2.2 Observed climate trends, variability and extreme events

10.2.3 Observed changes in extreme climatic events

10.2.4 Impacts of observed changes in climate trends, variability and extreme events

10.3 Assumptions about future trends

10.3.1 Climate

10.3.2 Socio-economics

10.4 Key future impacts and vulnerabilities

10.4.1 Agriculture and food security

10.4.2 Hydrology and water resources

10.4.3 Coastal and low lying areas

10.4.4 Natural ecosystems and biodiversity

10.4.5 Human health

10.4.6 Human dimensions

10.5 Adaptation: sector-specific practices, options and constraints

10.5.1 Agriculture and food security

10.5.2 Hydrology and water resources

10.5.3 Coastal and low lying areas

10.5.4 Natural ecosystems and biodiversity

10.5.5 Human health

10.5.6 Human dimensions

10.5.7 Key constraints and measures to strengthen adaptation

10.6 Case studies

10.6.1 Megadeltas in Asia

10.6.2 The Himalayan glaciers

10.7 Implications for sustainable development

10.7.1 Poverty and illiteracy

10.7.2 Economic growth and equitable development

10.7.3 Compliance with and governance of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

10.7.4 Conservation of natural resources

10.8 Key uncertainties, research gaps and priorities

10.8.1 Uncertainties

10.8.2 Confidence levels and unknowns

10.8.3 Research gaps and priorities


Coordinating Lead Authors:

Rex Victor Cruz (Philippines), Hideo Harasawa (Japan), Murari Lal (India), Shaohong Wu (China)

Lead Authors:

Yurij Anokhin (Russia), Batima Punsalmaa (Mongolia), Yasushi Honda (Japan), Mostafa Jafari (Iran), Congxian Li (China), Nguyen Huu Ninh (Vietnam)

Contributing Authors:

Shiv D. Atri (India), Joseph Canadell (Australia), Seita Emori (Japan), Daidu Fan (China), Hui Ju (China), Shuangcheng Li (China), Tushar K. Moulik (India), Faizal Parish (Malaysia), Yoshiki Saito (Japan), Ashok K. Sharma (India), Kiyoshi Takahashi (Japan), Tran Viet Lien (Vietnam), Qiaomin Zhang (China)

Review Editors:

Daniel Murdiyarso (Indonesia), Shuzo Nishioka (Japan)

This chapter should be cited as:

Cruz, R.V., H. Harasawa, M. Lal, S. Wu, Y. Anokhin, B. Punsalmaa, Y. Honda, M. Jafari, C. Li and N. Huu Ninh, 2007: Asia. Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. Contribution of Working Group II to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, M.L. Parry, O.F. Canziani, J.P. Palutikof, P.J. van der Linden and C.E. Hanson, Eds., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 469-506.