Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry

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Summary for Policymakers

1. Introduction

Part I
2. Global Carbon Cycle Overview

Part II
3. Issues Associated with Definitions

3.1. Forests, Afforestation, Reforestation, and Deforestation
3.2. Additional Activities

4. Carbon Acounting

Part III
5. Methods for Measuring and Monitoring
6. Estimates of Average Annual Carbon Stock Changes/Accounted for ARD Activities and Some Additional Activities

6.1. Afforestation, Reforestation, and Deforestation
6.2. Additional Activities

7. Project-Based Activities
8. Reporting Guidelines for the Relevant Articles of the Kyoto Protocol
9. Potential for Sustainable Development

Appendix I. Conversion Units

Appendix II - Relevant Portions of Kyoto Protocol Articles Discussed in this Special Report

Appendix III Glossary

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