Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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3. International Agreements and Legal Structures

Executive Summary

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Technology Transfer and International Political Context

3.3 Technology Transfer in International Environment and Development Agreements: an Overview

3.3.1 Technology Transfer in the Rio Declaration and Agenda 21
3.3.2 Technology Transfer as a "Positive Measure" in Multilateral Environmental Agreements
3.3.3 The Montreal Protocol
3.3.4 Convention on Biological Diversity

3.4 Technology Transfer under the UNFCCC Agreements

3.4.1 Follow-up to the Convention Commitments on Technology Transfer
3.4.2 Technology Transfer in the Kyoto Protocol and Buenos Aires Decisions
3.4.3 Provisions for Enforcement and Compliance

3.5 Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Rights

3.5.1 Role of Government in R&D and the Transfer of Publicly-owned or Supported ESTs
3.5.2 Private Investment and Intellectual Property Rights

3.6 Technology Transfer and the Kyoto Mechanisms

3.7 Conclusions


Convening Lead Authors:
Michael Grubb (UK) and Kilaparti Ramakrishna (India)

Lead Authors:
Raekwon Chung (Republic of Korea), Jan Corfee-Morlot (OECD), Michael Gollin (USA), Patricia Iturregui (Peru), Jorge Leiva (Chile), Atiq Rahman (Bangladesh), Terence Thorn (USA), Gerardo Trueba Gonzalez (Cuba)

Contributing Authors:
Marlena Castellanos (Cuba), Richard Klein (The Netherlands), Manuel Ruiz (Peru), Rajendra Shende (UNEP), Jullio Torres (Cuba)

Review Editors:
Woodrow Clark (USA), Richard Odingo (Kenya)

Other reports in this collection

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