Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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7. Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings Sector

Executive Summary

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Technologies

7.2.1 Residential Buildings
7.2.2 Commercial and Institutional Buildings
7.2.3 Adaptation Technologies

7.3 Current and Future Technology Transfer Systems

7.4 Technology Transfer Strategies

7.5 Role of Government in Technology Transfer

7.5.1 Information and Education Programmes
7.5.2 Energy Pricing
7.5.3 Energy and Environmental Labels
7.5.4 Mandatory Standards
7.5.5 Leading by Example
7.5.6 Research, Development and Demonstration

7.6 Role of the Private Sector in Technology Transfer

7.6.1 Business and Industry
7.6.2 Financing Programmes
7.6.3 Utility Programmes
7.6.4 Non-Governmental Organisations

7.7 Role of Community Groups in Technology Transfer

7.8 Lessons Learned


Coordinating Lead Author:
John Millhone (USA)

Lead Authors:
Odon de Buen R. (Mexico), Gautam Dutt (Argentina), Tom Otiti (Uganda), Yuri Tabunschikov (Russian Federation), Tu Fengxiang (China), Mark Zimmermann (Switzerland)

Contributing Authors:
Marilyn Brown (USA), Jim Crawford (USA), Howard Geller (USA), Joe Huang (USA), Martin Liddament (UK), Eric Martinot (USA), John Novak (USA)

Review Editor:
Ewaryst Hille (Poland)

Other reports in this collection

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