Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

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7. Human Settlements, Energy, and Industry


Executive Summary

7.1. Introduction and Purpose

7.1.1. Overview of the SAR
7.1.2. Overview of Types of Effects

7.2. State of Knowledge Regarding Climate Change Impacts on Human Populations

7.2.1. Nonclimate Trends Affecting Vulnerability to Climate
7.2.2. Sensitivity and Vulnerability of Human Settlements to Direct and Indirect Impacts of Climate Change Resource-Dependent Settlements Arid and semi-arid regions Polar and subpolar settlements Forest settlements Agricultural and fisheries settlements and related industry Tourism and recreation Riverine, Coastal, and Steeplands Settlements´┐Ż Impacts on Infrastructure Urban Settlements Migration Human health Heat islands and human health Water pollution Air pollution

7.3. Energy, Transportation, and Other Climate-Sensitive Industry

7.3.1. Energy Supply and Demand
7.3.2. Transportation
7.3.3. Construction
7.3.4. Manufacturing
7.3.5. Financial Services and Insurance
7.3.6. Estimating and Valuing Effects
7.3.7. Tools/Methods/Approaches/Models Used in Developing New Knowledge, Including Adaptations, Sensitivities, and Scenarios Used in Models

7.4. Infrastructure

7.4.1. Water Supply and Demand
7.4.2. Buildings, Transportation, and Other Infrastructure
7.4.3. Estimating and Valuing Infrastructure Effects

7.5. Management and Adaptation\ of Human Settlements

7.5.1. Adaptation
7.5.2. Adaptation to What and Why?
7.5.3. Sustainable Cities Activities
7.5.4. Adaptation Options
7.5.5. Barriers and Opportunities for Adaptation

7.6. Integration

7.6.1. Key Vulnerabilities
7.6.2. Potential for Nonlinear Interactions and Synergistic Effects

7.7. Science and Information Needs


Michael Scott (USA) and Sujata Gupta (India)

Lead Authors:
E. J´┐Żuregui (Mexico), J. Nwafor (Nigeria), D. Satterthwaite (UK), Y.A.D.S. Wanasinghe (Sri Lanka), T. Wilbanks (USA), M. Yoshino (Japan)

Contributing Author:
U. Kelkar (India)

Review Editors:
L. Mortsch (Canada) and J. Skea (UK)

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