Working Group III: Mitigation

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5. Barriers, Opportunities, and Market Potential of Technologies and Practices Contents

Executive Summary

5.1 Introduction

5.1.1 Summary of the Second Assessment Report – Barriers and Opportunities
5.1.2 Special Report on Technology Transfer – Barriers and Opportunities

5.2 Conceptual Framework for Understanding Barriers and Opportunities

5.3 Sources of Barriers and Opportunities

5.3.1 Technological Innovation The Innovation Process Barriers and Opportunities for GHG Mitigation through Technological Change The Context for Technological Change
5.3.2 Prices
5.3.3 Financing
5.3.4 Trade and Environment
5.3.5 Market Structure and Functioning Demand Side of the Market Supply Side of the Market
5.3.6 Institutional Frameworks Achievement of Economic Potential Achievement of Socioeconomic Potential
5.3.7 Information Provision
5.3.8 Social, Cultural, and Behavioural Norms and Aspirations Experience from Energy Efficiency Programmes Drivers of Consumption Human Need and Motivation Social Structures and Identities Discourse and Symbolism Ethics of GHG Mitigation: the Commons Dilemma The Need for Social Innovation

5.4 Sector- and Technology-specific Barriers and Opportunities

5.4.1 Buildings Opportunities, Programmes, and Policies to Remove Barriers
5.4.2 Transport Barriers to Mitigation Opportunities for Mitigation
5.4.3 Industry
5.4.4 Energy Supply
5.4.5 Agriculture
5.4.6 Forestry
5.4.7 Waste Management Barriers to Mitigation Programmes and Policies to Remove Barriers

5.5 Regional Aspects

5.5.1 Developing Countries
5.5.2 Countries Undergoing Transition to a Market Economy in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States
5.5.3 Developed Countries

5.6 Research Needs


Co-ordinating Lead Authors:
Jayant Sathaye (USA), Daniel Bouille (Argentina)

Lead Authors:
Dilip Biswas (India), Philippe Crabbe (Canada), Luis Geng (Peru), David Hall†(UK), Hidefumi Imura (Japan), Adam Jaffe (USA), Laurie Michaelis (UK), Grzegorz Peszko (Poland), Aviel Verbruggen (Belgium), Ernst Worrell (Netherlands/USA), F. Yamba (Zambia)

Contributing Authors:
Mauricio Tolmasquim (Brazil), Henry Janzen (Canada)

Review Editors:
Michael Jefferson (UK), R. T. M. Sutamihardja (Indonesia)

† Professor David Hall, a close colleague, passed away in August 1999. He inspired us all through his vigorous support for bioenergy, and its just uses in the developing world.

Other reports in this collection

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