IPCC First Assessment Report (FAR)

Climate Change: The IPCC Impacts Assessment (1990)

Report prepared for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by Working Group II
W.J. McG. Tegart, G.W. Sheldon and D.C. Griffiths (eds.).
Australian Government Publishing Service, Camberra, Australia
294 pp.


Digitized by the Digitization and Microform Unit, UNOG Library, 2010


Contents (PDF version)


Cover (Front & Back)

Front matters

Policymakers' summary

Chapter 1 - Scenarios used in the Report

Chapter 2 - Agriculture and forestry

Chapter 3 - Natural terrestrial ecosystems

Chapter 4 - Hydrology and water resources

Chapter 5 - Human settlement; the energy, transport and industrial sectors; human health; air quality
                      and changes in Ultraviolet-B radiation

Chapter 6 - World oceans and coastal zones

Chapter 7 - Seasonal snow cover, ice and permafrost


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