Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer

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12: Forestry Sector

Executive Summary

12.1 Introduction

12.2 Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Technologies

12.2.1 Features of Forestry Mitigation Technologies
12.2.2 Climate Change Mitigation Technologies

12.3 Current and Emerging Pathways in Technology Transfer

12.3.1 Current Pathways
12.3.2 Emerging Pathways
12.3.3 Climate Mitigation Related Pathways
12.3.4 Generic Barriers to Technology Transfer

12.4 Technology Transfer within Countries

12.4.1 Technology Transfer within Annex I Countries
12.4.2 Technology Transfer within non-Annex I Countries

12.5 Technology Transfer between Countries

12.5.1 Technologies to be transferred
12.5.2 Barriers of Technical Capacity
12.5.3 Barriers of Credibility and Uncertainties in Mitigation in the Forestry Sector
12.5.4 Technology Transfer between Annex I and non-Annex I Countries
12.5.5 Technology Transfer among Annex I Countries
12.5.6 Technology Transfer among non-Annex I Countries
12.5.7 Institutional Mechanisms
12.5.8 Financial Mechanisms

12.6 Examples of Conditions and Policies that Facilitate Technology Transfer

12.7 Adaptation

12.8 Lessons Learned


Coordinating Lead Author:
N. H. Ravindranath (India)

Lead Authors:
Philip M. Fearnside (USA), Willy Makundi (Tanzania), Omar Masera (Mexico), Robert Dixon (USA)

Contributing Authors:
Kenneth Andrasko, Neil Byron (Australia), Antony DiNicola, (USA), Nandita Mongia (India), P. Sudha (India)

Review Editor:
David Hall (UK)

Other reports in this collection

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