Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability
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  1. Front Matter Part A - 5.3 MB
  2. Front Matter Part B - 0.14 MB
  3. Summary for Policymakers - 6.4MB
  4. Technical Summary 12.7MB
  5. Cross-chapter box compendium 10.5MB

Part A: Global and Sectoral Aspects

Context for the AR5
  1. Point of departure - 3.4MB
  2. Foundations for decisionmaking - 1.0MB
Natural and Managed Resources and Systems, and Their Uses
  1. Freshwater resources - 5.4MB
  2. Terrestrial and inland water systems - 10.2MB
  3. Coastal systems and low-lying areas - 2.5MB
  4. Ocean systems - 12.0MB
  5. Food security and food production systems - 2.2MB
Human Settlements, Industry, and Infrastructure
  1. Urban Areas - 4.8MB
  2. Rural Areas - 2.0MB
  3. Key economic sectors and services - 1.2MB
Human Health, Well-Being, and Security
  1. Human health: impacts, adaptation, and co-benefits - 3.7MB
  2. Human security - 1.3MB
  3. Livelihoods and poverty - 2.3MB
  1. Adaptation needs and options - 0.9MB
  2. Adaptation planning and implementation - 0.6MB
  3. Adaptation opportunities, constraints, and limits - 3.1MB
  4. Economics of adaptation - 1.0MB
Multi-Sector Impacts, Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Opportunities
  1. Detection and attribution of observed impacts - 2.6MB
  2. Emergent risks and key vulnerabilities - 2.5MB
  3. Climate-resilient pathways: adaptation, mitigation, and sustainable development - 1.9MB

Part B: Regional Aspects

  1. Regional context - 7.5MB
Regional Chapters
  1. Africa - 4.9MB
  2. Europe - 13.1MB
  3. Asia - 3.0MB
  4. Australasia - 5.2MB
  5. North America - 4.2MB
  6. Central and South America - 4.4MB
  7. Polar Regions - 7.1MB
  8. Small Islands - 3.8MB
  9. The Ocean - 20.1MB


  1. Authors and Expert Reviewers - 0.2 MB
  2. Glossary - 0.2MB
  3. Acronyms - 0.05 MB
  4. List of Major IPCC Reports - 0.03 MB

  1. Index - 0.4MB
  2. Errata - 0.1MB (Updated 08/05/2018)
The designations employed and the presentation of material on maps do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

Copies of the printed report for Part A and Part B are available from Cambridge University Press.

Summaries, Frequently Asked Questions, and Cross-Chapter Boxes Volume in UN Languages

Translation of the WGII AR5 SPM, TS, FAQs and CC Boxes Volume from English into the other five official languages of the United Nations was done by translators working for the WMO Language, Conference and Publishing Services Department. The assistance of scientists from the WGII chapter teams who acted as scientific translation editors for each language is gratefully acknowledged.


SPM in UN and other languages

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Top Level Findings from the
Working Group II AR5 Summary for Policymakers

Drafts and Review Materials

The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) was prepared according to Appendix A to the Principles Governing IPCC Work on Procedures for the Preparation, Review, Acceptance, Adoption, Approval and Publication of IPCC Reports. In accordance with this, the drafts of the Working Group contribution to the AR5 that were submitted for expert and/or government review, the expert and government review comments received, and the author responses to these comments are available here. These drafts, review comments, and author responses are not the results of the assessment and may not be cited, quoted, or distributed as such. Only the approved and accepted Report may be cited or quoted as the results of the assessment.

Summary Products

Title First Order Draft Final Government Distribution
Draft Comments
Draft Comments
Summary for Policymakers 3.5MB 2.4MB 7.5MB 1.8MB
Technical Summary 7.3MB 1.4MB - -


Title First Order Draft Second Order Draft FD
Draft Comments
Draft Comments
General comments for the entire document 0.3MB 0.3MB
1. Point of departure 1.7MB 0.6MB 2.3MB 0.5MB 0.95MB
2. Foundations for decisionmaking 1.2MB 1.0MB 1.3MB 0.7MB 1.31MB
3. Freshwater resources 1.0MB 1.3MB 1.4MB 1.2MB 2.5MB
4. Terrestrial and inland water systems 2.0MB 1.2MB 2.4MB 2.0MB 2.8MB
5. Coastal systems and low-lying areas 1.2MB 1.6MB 1.6MB 1.3MB 1.4MB
6. Ocean systems 9.4MB 1.2MB 5.9MB 1.0MB 9.0MB
7. Food security and food production systems 1.4MB 0.6MB 2.0MB 1.0MB 1.6MB
8. Urban Areas 1.8MB 0.6MB 2.6MB 1.0MB 3.7MB
9. Rural Areas 1.2MB 0.7MB 1.0MB 0.5MB 0.8MB
10. Key economic sectors and services 1.0MB 0.4MB 0.6MB 0.7MB 0.8MB
11. Human health: impacts, adaptation, and co-benefits 2.9MB 1.0MB 1.9MB 1.1MB 1.1MB
12. Human security 0.8MB 0.7MB 0.5MB 0.9MB 0.8MB
13. Livelihoods and poverty 1.4MB 0.6MB 2.4MB 0.6MB 2.1MB
14. Adaptation needs and options 0.8MB 0.7MB 0.9MB 1.0MB 0.4MB
15. Adaptation planning and implementation 0.78MB 0.7MB 1.1MB 1.0MB 0.4MB
16. Adaptation opportunities, constraints, and limits 1.0MB 0.4MB 1.5MB 0.7MB 1.5MB
17. Economics of adaptation 1.1MB 0.4MB 0.8MB 0.9MB 0.6MB
18. Detection and attribution of observed impacts 1.4MB 0.9MB 2.3MB 1.2MB 1.3MB
19. Emergent risks and key vulnerabilities 2.2MB 0.7MB 2.6MB 1.2MB 1.2MB
20. Climate-resilient pathways: adaptation, mitigation, and sustainable development 0.3MB 06MB 1.0MB 0.7MB 0.3MB
21. Regional context 2.4MB 0.4MB 7.3MB 0.8MB 0.5MB
22. Africa 1.5MB 1.1MB 6.0MB 1.0MB 4.0MB
23. Europe 1.1MB 0.8MB 4.6MB 1.1MB 2.9MB
24. Asia 0.9MB 0.5MB 3.6MB 0.9MB 1.9MB
25. Australasia 2.5MB 1.0MB 3.5MB 0.6MB 2.5MB
26. North America 1.3MB 0.9MB 6.2MB 0.9MB 2.8MB
27. Central and South America 2.1MB 0.5MB 5.2MB 0.6MB 1.7MB
28. Polar Regions 1.3MB 0.9MB 5.9MB 0.9MB 2.3MB
29. Small Islands 1.5MB 0.7MB 2.3MB 0.7MB 1.0MB
30. The Ocean 2.9MB 0.8MB 7.7MB 1.1MB 4.4MB
Summary Products
Technical Summary - - - - 0.2MB
WGII AR5 Volume-wide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - - - - 0.2MB
Cross Chapter Resources
Glossary - - - - 0.2MB
WGII AR5 Chapter-specific FAQs - - - - 0.2MB
Cross-chapter box compendium - - - - 2.7MB

Summary for Policymakers (approved)

Title PDF
Approved Summary for Policymakers (IPCC-XXXVIII/DOC.3) 0.3MB
Approved Summary for Policymakers - Tables and Figures (IPCC-XXXVIII/DOC.3 add. 1) 1.0MB
Correction to approved SPM (pre-publication) 0.1MB

Final Draft

Title PDF
Changes to the Underlying Scientific/Technical Assessment
List of Substantive Edits 0.3MB
Errata 0.1MB

The Final Draft is the version from 31 March 2014.