Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (SRCCS)

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  1. Summary for Policymakers
  2. Technical Summary


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Sources of CO2
  3. 3. Capture of CO2
  4. 4. Transport of CO2
  5. 5. Underground geological storage
  6. 6. Ocean Storage
  7. 7. Mineral carbonation and industrial uses of CO2
  8. 8. Cost and economic potential
  9. 9. Implications of CO2 capture and storage for greenhouse gas inventories and accounting


  1. I. Properties of CO2 and carbon-based fuels
  2. II. Glossary, acronyms and abbreviations
  3. III. Units
  4. IV. Authors and reviewers
  5. V. List of major IPCC reports

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IPCC, 2005 - Bert Metz, Ogunlade Davidson, Heleen de Coninck, Manuela Loos and Leo Meyer (Eds.). Cambridge University Press, UK. pp 431. Available from Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh Building Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge CB2 2RU ENGLAND

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TS-1 Schematic diagram of possible CCS systems. PPT Small | Large
TS-2a Global distribution of large stationary sources of CO2 PPT Small | Large
TS-2b Prospective areas in sedimentary basins where suitable saline formations, oil or gas fields, or coal beds may be found. PPT Small | Large
TS-3 Overview of CO2 capture processes and systems. PPT Small | Large
TS-4 Real examples of a post combustion and a pre combustion facility PPT Small | Large
TS-5 Costs for onshore pipelines and offshore pipelines as a function of the CO2 mass flow rate. PPT Small | Large
TS-6 Costs for onshore pipelines, offshore pipelines and ship transport. PPT Small | Large
TS-7 Methods for storing CO2 in deep underground geological formations. PPT Small | Large
TS-8 Potential leakage routes and remediation techniques for CO2 injected into saline formations. PPT Small | Large
TS-9 Methods of ocean storage. PPT Small | Large
TS-10 Material fluxes and process steps associated with the mineral carbonation of silicate rocks or industrial residues PPT Small | Large
TS-11 Loss of overall power plant efficiency as a consequence of CO2 capture. PPT Small | Large
TS-12 Illustrative example of the global potential contribution of CCS as part of a mitigation portfolio (MiniCAM and MESSAGE results). PPT Small | Large