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Summary for Policymakers
Technical Summary

1 The Climate System: an Overview
2 Observed Climate Variability and Change
3 The Carbon Cycle and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
4 Atmospheric Chemistry and Greenhouse Gases
5 Aerosols, their Direct and Indirect Effects
6 Radiative Forcing of Climate Change
7 Physical Climate Processes and Feedbacks
8 Model Evaluation
9 Projections of Future Climate Change
10 Regional Climate Information � Evaluation and Projections
11 Changes in Sea Level
12 Detection of Climate Change and Attribution of Causes
13 Climate Scenario Development
14 Advancing Our Understanding

Appendix I Glossary
Appendix II SRES Tables
Appendix III Contributors to the IPCC WGI Third Assessment Report
Appendix IV Reviewers of the IPCC WGI Third Assessment Report
Appendix V Acronyms and Abbreviations
Appendix VI Units
Appendix VII Some Chemical Symbols used in this Report
Appendix VIII Figures and Tables in this Report

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Other reports in this collection

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