Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

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11. Asia Contents

Executive Summary

11.1. The Asian Region

11.1.1. Background
11.1.2. Physical and Ecological Features Regional Zonation Trends and Variability in Key Climate Variables Surface air temperature Precipitation Extreme Events and Severe Weather Systems
11.1.3. Scenarios of Future Climate Change Surface Air Temperature Diurnal Temperature Range Precipitation High-Resolution Climate Change Experiments
11.1.4. Sensitivity, Key Vulnerabilities, and Adaptability Sensitivity and Key Vulnerabilities Adaptability

11.2. Key Regional Concerns

11.2.1. Ecosystems and Biodiversity Mountain and Highland Systems Lakes/Streams, Rivers, and Glaciers Forests, Grasslands, and Rangelands Drylands Cryosphere and Permafrost Protected Areas and Risks to Living Species
11.2.2. Agriculture and Food Security Production Systems Grain Supply and Demand in Asia Food Security
11.2.3. Hydrology and Water Resources Water Availability Water Needs and Management Implications
11.2.4. Oceanic and Coastal Ecosystems Oceans and Coastal Zones Deltas, Estuarine, and Other Coastal Ecosystems Coral Reefs Fisheries and Aquaculture Tropical Cyclone and Storm Surges Potential Impacts and Coastal Zone Management
11.2.5. Human Health Thermal Stress and Air Pollution-Related Diseases Vector-Borne Diseases Diseases Resulting from Higher UV-B Exposures Other Diseases
11.2.6. Human Dimensions Climate Extremes and Migration Infrastructure Linkages Industry, Energy, and Transportation Financial Aspects

11.3. Vulnerability and Adaptation Potential

11.3.1. Resilience of Resources, Populations, and Infrastructure
11.3.2. Regional and Sectoral Strategies Boreal Asia Arid and Semi-Arid Asia Temperate Asia Tropical Asia
11.3.3. Institutional and Financial Barriers

11.4. Synthesis

11.4.1. Key Observations and Uncertainties
11.4.2. Future Needs



Lead Authors:
W.N. Adger (UK), S. Adhikary (Nepal), M. Ando (Japan), Y. Anokhin (Russia), R.V. Cruz (Philippines), M. Ilyas (Malaysia), Z. Kopaliani (Russia), F. Lansigan (Philippines), Congxian Li (China), A. Patwardhan (India), U. Safriel (Israel), H. Suharyono (Indonesia), Xinshi Zhang (China)

Contributing Authors:
M. Badarch (Mongolia), Xiongwen Chen (China), S. Emori (Japan), Jingyun Fang (China), Qiong Gao (China), K. Hall (USA), T. Jarupongsakul (Thailand), R. Khanna-Chopra (India), R. Khosa (India), M.P. Kirpes (USA), A. Lelakin (Russia), N. Mimura (Japan), M.Q. Mirza (Bangladesh), S. Mizina (Kazakhstan), M. Nakagawa (Japan), M. Nakayama (Japan), Jian Ni (China), A. Nishat (Bangladesh), A. Novoplansky (Israel), T. Nozawa (Japan), W.T. Piver (USA), P.S. Ramakrishnan (India), E. Rankova (Russia), T.L. Root (USA), D. Saltz (Israel), K.P. Sharma (Nepal), M.L. Shrestha (Nepal), G. Srinivasan (India), T.S. Teh (Malaysia), Xiaoping Xin (China), M. Yoshino (Japan), A. Zangvil (Israel), Guangsheng Zhou (China)

Review Editors:
Su Jilan (China) and T. Ososkova (Uzbekistan)

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