Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

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Technical Summary
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Summary for Policymakers
Technical Summary

1. Overview of Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability to Climate Change
2. Methods and Tools
3. Developing and Applying Scenarios
4. Hydrology and Water Resources
5. Ecosystems and Their Goods and Services
6. Coastal Zones and Marine Ecosystems
7. Human Settlements, Energy, and Industry
8. Insurance and Other Financial Services
9. Human Health
10. Africa
11. Asia
12. Australia and New Zealand
13. Europe
14. Latin America
15. North America
16. Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic)
17. Small Island States
18. Adaptation to Climate Change in the Context of Sustainable Development and Equity
19. Vulnerability to Climate Change and Reasons for Concern: A Synthesis

A. Authors and Expert Reviewers
B. Glossary of Terms
C. Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Units
D. List of Major IPCC Reports
E. Figures and Tables in this Report

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Other reports in this collection

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